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Colin has always had a passion for wildlife and the amazing diversity of animals that live both in the UK and abroad, with his love of the natural world and photography he has been privileged to travel to some of the most breath-taking places and has seen some of the most amazing animals to grace our planet. Although Colin enjoys travelling he is a firm believer that the British Isles contains some of the most beautiful species of wildlife to be found and certainly enjoys spending much of the year amongst it.


His work has been seen in many countries and has featured in most of the leading wildlife and photography magazines as well as nearly all of the leading nature and wildlife photography competitions. He regularly exhibits throughout the UK and can often be found giving presentations at camera clubs and wildlife centres, anyone that knows him will know that he is always at his happiest whilst watching, photographing or talking about wildlife.


As well as being kept busy with his own photography Colin also runs several workshops throughout the year as well as many one to one tuition sessions, these are held both in the UK and Europe and cover a diversity of subjects.

To see details and information on some of these please click on the Tuition page.

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As well as more traditional photography Colin will often take a very different approach to styles within his images and is well known for the creative images he produces. By using only natural light, selective camera settings and a different view to how he works he has the ability to portray subjects in a style that captures the beauty of the wildlife without needing to see the whole of the subjects. 


With high ethics and the welfare of wildlife always being his first priority Colin has built up a great reputation within the industry, he also prides himself on the high quality of work produced and the standards in which he sets himself, selected samples of his work can be seen on the Gallery page and purchased via the shop.

Other images can be seen on Colin's social networking pages.

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