As well as concentrating on his own photography Colin also offers tuition sessions covering several different subjects at locations throughout the UK. Occasionally wildlife doesn't play ball but Colin will always do his best to get you into a position to enable you to get the shots, but it’s not just about trying to get the shots on the day. Colin will also teach you about the subjects and their welfare, the field craft required, your camera settings and explain how best to equip yourself for when you’re out on your own.

This skill set will give you and your photography chance to develop and improve.


Colin is happy to organise tuition sessions for individuals as well as small groups so please take a look at what’s on

offer and contact him if you are interested or if you have any questions. Other trips and group sizes can be

arranged upon request, please be aware that all one to ones and workshops are run with a strict code of ethics to

protect the wildlife.

Norfolk Seals 2021/2022: Feb/Sep/Oct

£180.00 per person or £290.00 for two people

Watching and photographing the beautiful grey seals on the Norfolk coast is a must, the session will be spent working on different techniques and styles of photography giving you the knowledge to be able to get beautiful images of these amazing creatures. With it being on the coast the day will be fresh so warm clothing and a hat is a must but it’s certainly worth braving the cold for, and without doubt a day you will remember.

Recommended lens lengths from 300mm-600mm. (Six hour workshop)

Waterfowl One to One 2022: March/April/May

£150.00 per person 

Spend a relaxing session observing and photographing the beautiful waterfowl set in a stunning rural location, expected species will hopefully be grebes, geese, ducks, herons, cormorants and anything else that shows. This workshop is timed to coincide with the grebes mating rituals so if they perform well on the day then a great set of images should be achieved. The location is one of the most beautiful lakes in the area and having the benefit of shooting water level all the way around gives you the chance to get those beautiful low level images we crave.

Recommended lens lengths from 300mm-600mm.(Five hour workshop)

Gannets Galore 2021/2022: June/July

£180.00 per person or £290.00 for two people

With a wingspan of up to 6ft these amazing birds are fantastic to see, their distinctive colouring and beautiful features make these one of the most popular sea birds to photograph, and this location is without a doubt one of the best places to do it. This session will take place on the amazing Yorkshire coast and as well as it being the home of the gannet it is also home to many other sea birds including Puffins, guillemots, razorbills and kittiwakes just to name a few. Recommended lens lengths from 300mm-600mm. (Six hour workshop)

Puffin Paradise 2022: June/July

£260.00 per person or £420.00 for two people

If you've never seen these funny little birds and have always wanted to get up close to them then why not book yourself a one to one and spend the day at one of the best Puffin locations in the UK. Not only will we be seeing thousands of puffins but there are also a huge amount of other subjects to see and photograph such as Gannets, Razorbills and who knows you may even be lucky enough to see a Puffling. Price includes crossing and landing fees.

Recommended lens lengths from 200mm-600mm although any length lens is usable on this trip. (Six hour workshop)

The Great Deer Rut 2021/2022: October

£180.00 per person or £290.00 for two people

Watching this amazing spectacle has to be on the list of every wildlife lover and photographer, the smell in the air the sound of clashing antlers echoing through the woods really is a fantastic experience.

The locations used gives great opportunities to capture amazing images of these awesome animals as they compete for the attention of the females.

Recommended lens lengths from 300mm-600mm. (Six hour workshop)

ICM Photography 2021/2022: All year

£120.00 per person or £190.00 for two people 

Intentional Camera Movement photography has become increasingly popular over the last few years and is a great way to create images with a difference. Join Colin on this half day workshop where he will explain how to create ICM images and give you the knowledge you need to create thought provoking images that stand out. (Four hour workshop)

Understanding Photography 2021/2022 All year

£150.00 per person (Five hour session) £90.00 per person (Three hour session)

A session learning or rediscovering the basics of photography, from your camera settings to your subjects, including F-Numbers, Depth of Field, ISO Settings, Shutter Speeds, plus much much more. If you're new to the world of digital photography or have just purchased a new DSLR, if you're confused and the camera manual is making things worse or if you just want to brush up on camera settings and techniques then this is ideal.

This can be done in any location, there is a small travel charge to be added at 30p per mile.

Photography Course 2021/2022: All Year £449.00 per person

A full course consisting of three 2 hour tuition sessions where we will get you up to speed with kit and settings, plus two full day six hour One to Ones.....The Great Deer Rut & Norfolk Seals.

Residential Workshops 2021/2022

Colin currently runs several residential workshops throughout the year photographing some of the best wildlife that the UK has to offer.

At the moment full residential workshops are available in the amazing Cairngorms covering both winter and summer wildlife and the stunning Yorkshire Dales photographing Red Squirrels and Waterfalls.

Other residential workshops can be arranged for individuals or small groups.

To book or enquire about a workshop please contact Colin via email at

Transportation to the arranged meeting points and accommodation is not included in the one to one prices unless they are agreed when booking, also note that workshops are usually done in week days to avoid weekend crowds. Unfortunately when working with wildlife nothing is guaranteed but Colin will always do his best to put you in a safe position to achieve the images you desire.